League Sponsorship

Sports: a way to build emotions and synergy between people

From Beko “Sponsor of basketball” to the entire world with pride…

Beko is a global brand who believes in the importance of sports in people’s lives. For this reason Beko supports all sporting events, mainly basketball. Beko’s “dynamic, entertaining and young” character is inline with the nature of basketball. Beko also believes that sports play a major role in the growth of young generations. Basketball is a sport that leads to the development of communication and social skills such as teamwork, quick thinking and self esteem. Basketball represents the same values and targets that Beko possesses, competing in a fair setting with ever-growing ambition to be the leader. Beko commenced its basketball adventure in 2006 by becoming the title sponsor of the Turkish Basketball League. The league has been running under the name of “Beko Basketball League” for 7 years. It has also become the name sponsor of Basketball Bundesliga, one of the most significant basketball leagues, for six years since 2009/2010 season. As a competitive league, Beko Basketball Bundesliga has always had a good reputation in the international arena.

In 2011 Beko carried its international league sponsorships one step further and became the sponsor of Russian Basketball League as well. The league has started to be named as “Beko Professional Basketball League” in 2011, Beko has become the name sponsor of Lithuania Basketball League, LKL. Lithuania is known with their love in basketball and LKL is one of the most successful Leagues of Europe as well. Finally, Beko made its latest contribution to basketball in 2012 by becoming the title sponsor of another top-tier basketball league, which is Italian “Lega Basket”. Beko has been the title sponsor of Beko Lega Basket since September 2012.

Beko, aside from the league sponsorships, gave great support to international championships as well starting with main sponsorships for “2009 FIBA Asian Basketball Championships” organized in China and “Eurobasket 2009” organized in Poland. Beko challenged itself and became the “Presenting Sponsor” of 2010 World Basketball Championship, which shall be held every four years, bringing the strongest teams together. Beko was also the presenting sponsor of the European Basketball Championships 2011 held in Lithuania. Beko keeps on standing by the basketball fans all around the world by supporting two forthcoming organizations to be held in 2013 and 2014. Beko has become the Presenting Sponsor of 2013 FIBA EuroBasket, which will take place in Slovenia and of 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, which will take place in Spain.

BEKO Turkey Basketball League

With the star players and the most challenging games, the Beko Basketball League is known as one of the 5 most important leagues in Europe. Having started in 2006/2007 season, the Beko Basketball League will have completed 8 years following the 2013/2014 season.

Along with the excitement of Beko Basketball League that goes on throughout the season, the stars of Beko Basketball League come together with the Beko All Star held in a different venue each year by Beko, which aims to introduce enthusiasm of basketball to the entire Turkey. The latest edition created a great buzz in the city of Mersin this year.

Beko German Basketball League (Beko Basketball Bundesliga)
The first sponsorship within the scope of carrying basketball investments to the international platform was actualized in 2009 by becoming the title sponsor of Beko Basketball Bundesliga of Germany, one of the most important basketball leagues in Europe.

Beko Italian Basketball League (Beko Legabasket)

Italian Basketball League has been the latest addition to Beko's portfolio of national league sponsorships in Europe. Beko's title sponsorship will be active from 2012-2013 season until end of 2014-2015.

Beko Lithuanian Basketball League (Beko LKL)
Following the EuroBasket 2011 which was held in Lithuania, Beko further enhanced its awareness in the region by sponsoring the national league of Lithuania. Beko's sponsorship which began in 2011/2012 season will be active through 2013/2014.