Official partner of ... proud cooks
Official partner of ... proud cooks
BI Oven-FS Cooker
Official partner of... proud cooks

As a proud cook, it’s easy to impress when you’ve got Beko Surf® technology on your side. Uniform hot air circulation cooks your best efforts to perfection, not to mention up to 30% faster* – even if you’re multi-level cooking to please your audience.

*Tested by internal laboratories

Official partner of... cooking pizza like an Italian

When you want to make pizza like you’re Italian, Beko PizzaPro™ gives you authenticity. It takes just 5 minutes to cook your pizza with the pizza stone, at a really hot 310⁰C. Tasting just as it would in the original stone oven used in Italian pizzerias. Mamma Mia.

Split & Cook®
Official partner of... vegans-who-are-in-love-with-carnivores

With Beko Split & Cook® technology, a separator gives you three ovens in one. Vegans-who-are-in love-with-carnivores can happily cook two different meals at the same time, with no mixing of flavours and no falling out. It’s possible to have up to an incredible 80⁰C temperature difference between the top and bottom ovens – which can come in very handy. Especially at keeping loving relations. Phew.

Official partner of... delicious mess

Beko CleanZone™ revolutionary oleophobic technology coating on our oven glass doors resists dirt and grime, so you don’t need to spend precious time cleaning. So go ahead – cook that messy dinner.

BI Hob-Gas
High efficiency gas burner
Official partner of... lunch magicians

Our Beko High Efficiency™ Gas Burners offer lunch magicians 25%* more efficiency, reduced cooking time by up to 35% and use 17% less gas compared to standard burners**. A few good tricks to have up your sleeve.

*Approved by Intertek UK

**Tested by internal laboratories

BI Hob-Induction
Official partner of... use-every-pan-cooks

With Beko IndyFlex+® Hob, you can configure the hob to fit the number and size of the pans you have with 8 independent zones to suit either 2 big pans, 8 small pans or create up to 4 zones for bigger pans as you need. Big news for use-every-pan-cooks.