Smart solutions for refrigerators

Energy Efficiency
The need to save energy resources has never been more important than now. Beko with its environmental vision provides products with A++ and A+ energy rating. An A++ refrigerator consumes up to 40% less energy than an identical A product. Similarly an A+ product consumes up to 20% less energy than an identical A product.

Whisper Quiet
Kitchens are becoming living areas in our homes. New outstanding Beko built-in refrigerator range offers you a relaxing environment in your kitchen. All built-in Beko refrigerators are standardized using a special cooling system design which works twice as silent as standard refrigerators. Beko’s new cooling system, optimized the instability of the noise level caused by refrigerant flow are brought under control with usage of sound absorbing materials and design changes. Enjoy the sound of whisper quiet with smart Beko refrigerators with 29 and 32dbA noise levels.