The Beko dishwasher range is designed to enhance the beauty of a kitchen and to bring comfort and convenience into the lives of consumers through smart solutions.

A+++ Energy Efficiency
The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Beko with its enviromental vision provides A+++ -10% energy efficent dishwashers.

These dishwashers have Effective Drying system. Patented “Effective Drying” system helps to achieve maximum energy efficiency while increasing drying performance.

6 lt Water Consumption
Beko smart dishwashers empower the water droplets increasing the effectiveness of water spray. Together with the Double Filtering System cleaning and storing the final cycle water, Beko dishwashers utilize a record-breaking only 6 lt water per wash.

AluTech is a unique aluminum isolation that isolates the heat inside during the final cycle for the water to be used. Water is cleaned and stored in a concealed tank which warms up as the machine operates by Double Filtering System providing less energy consumption.

Beko SteamGloss Dishwasher enables you to dry your dishes without loosing their brightness. Your glasses will shine 30%* more with the help of steam technology. Leave your dishes for a gentle steam touch and enjoy spotless, shiny dishes.

LGA test result proves stain and spot free glossy drying, 30% improvement for glasses, and 43% improvement for china. 

* Comparison between SteamGloss mode on/off

Silent Tech
Beko smart dishwashers operate in silence. Enjoy quiet conversations with your friends next to your ultra quiet dishwasher. Beko ultra quiet dishwasher operates at 39 dBA sound level, which you may hardly find in a library.

Active Wash Technology
BekoOne uses active wash technology to provide efficient and gentle washing. This technology applies different water pressures to the lower and upper baskets. Heavily soiled dishes in the lower basket are subjected to higher water pressure while lightly soiled delicate items such as glassware are kept under lower pressure. The innovative brushless DC motor allows the use of active wash technology.

Water Hardness Sensor
Determines the water hardness level and adjusts it for an effective and gentle wash. Upon completion of the analysis of the smart sensors, BekoOne will run the most suitable one of the 5 different programs, based on the degree of soiling and amount of the dishes.

Effective Drying System (EDS)
Patented “Effective Drying” System (EDS) helps to achieve A+++ energy efficiency while maximizing drying performance. With this special system, humidity level of the air circulating inside the dishwasher is decreased during the drying cycle. Also, system provides effective drying performance under lower rinsing temperature and allows you to place your dry dishes into your cupboard without burning your hands.

XL Capacity
XL Capacity -15 place settings-dishwashers wash 25% more compared to the standard 12 place settings. Such increased washing capacity offers substantial benefits. Reducing the number of wash cycles means: • Saving 25% on detergent* • Prolonged product lifetime – up to 2 years** • Saving 15% on water and energy consumption***

Flexible Half Load
There’s no need to wait for both racks to be fully loaded. The Flexible Half Load option allows you to load either the upper, the lower, or both racks together as required for easy and economic washing.

Xpress 20’
Another unique program of Beko, The Xpress20’ washes a half load in only 20 minutes.

Eco 50 ºC Program
Ideal washing cycle for normal soiled dishes to save energy.

Baby Protect Program
Ensure that your children’s utensils are sparklingly clean and germ-free. Beko combines an intensive wash cycle with an extra hot rinse cycle in order to provide total hygiene for your baby’s utensils, plates and baby bottles. The Baby Protect program is certified by LGA for providing 99.99% hygiene.

Baby Bottle Holder
The Baby Bottle Holder accessory integrated in the lower basket is a design solution that guarantees convenient, efficient and safe cleaning of your baby’s bottles.

Antibacterial Seal
Due to the dirt accumulation over time, bacteria reproduction may occur on the gasket of the dishwashers. The Antibacterial Seal on Beko dishwashers act as a guardian to block this formation.

Quick & Clean Program
Quick & Clean, a unique program from Beko, guarantees exceptional A class washing performance, not only for lightly soiled items, but for normally soiled pots and dishes as well. This A class wash cycle cleans your dishes in just 58 minutes, which is even quicker then washing by hand.

Ease of Use & Flexibility

Multipurpose Removable Cutlery Drawer
A great new option available on selected models is the third pull out basket. A convenient way to wash cutlery, small items and espresso cups or it can be filled with other utensils by removing the multipurpose third basket.

The Acrobat System
Thanks to the acrobat system, the height of the upper basket can be easily adjusted even when the basket is full, providing extra space for larger dishes and pans.

Sideway Sliding Cutlery Basket
Beko’s new cutlery basket slides right or left sideways in the lower dishwasher basket. Improved flexibility enables easy cutlery loading and the cutlery basket is removable to allow plate loading in its place, increasing the lower basket capacity.